Friday, November 2, 2007


So, last weekend I made applebutter. It's kind of old news now. I'm not going to say too much about it, except it took FOREVER. And by forever, I mean it cooked for more than 12 hours and it still wasn't quite as thick as I wanted it to be. But it sure turned out tasty!
Here's the ingredients I used:
10 pounds apples
about 2 cups of sugar
a tablespoon of cinnamon
a few dashes of cloves and nutmeg
a squirt of lemon juice
about 2 cups of water

I cut up the apples in chunks and threw them in a pot with the water, seeds, peels and all. After they were nice and soft, I ran them through my Kitchenaid food mill attachment. At that point, I had a lovely applesauce. Then I put the sauce back in the pot with the sugar and spices and waited. I had started this project at about 11 in the morning, and by midnight it was still pretty runny, so I put it in the fridge and heated it back up in the morning. Oh, at some point I also ran an immersion blender in the sauce, which made it nice and velvety.
I finally got tired of waiting and decided to go ahead and can it up. With my brand-new pressure cooker, I canned about 9 half-pint jars using the boiling water method: Basically, I sterilized the jars, filled them with applebutter, put the lids on, and put them in boiling water for 15 minutes. I can't wait to do it all again next time I pick apples. Really.


Michelle said...

Sounds delicious. Possibly even more delicious than a 1 a.m. snack of sausage, stale tortilla chips and salsa.

Abbie said...

Nope. Nothing beats sausage, tortilla chips and salsa. It's my favorite snack.

highlighting the positives said...

i made apple butter this fall and a i agree, it does take forever! and you don't get as much stuff as i thought i would. in fact, i haven't even tried mine yet, cuz i preserved it. forever.